Wise Freeze Dried Fruits

Wise Company Freeze Dried Fruit Advantages:

Freeze Dried

Unlike dehydrated foods, Wise Freeze Dry Fruits retain flavor, texture, color, and most importantly nutrition.

Great Taste

Even though the fruits are great by themselves, Wise Company compliments them by including nutritious yogurt, pudding, and caramel mixes.

Lightweight and Condensed

No longer is there a need to lug around large #10 cans that, when opened, require you to consume large quantities of fruit before it spoils and is wasted. “Wise” Freeze Dried Fruits are packaged in strong Mylar pouches, then sealed in durable plastic Grab-and-Go containers that increase shelf life, reduce waste, and are easily stored.

Nitrogen Flushed Mylar Pouches 

Removes the majority of the oxygen in each pouch to ensure great taste and a long shelf-life.

Simple to Prepare

Just eat the fruit as a snack, or add water to hydrate the fruit, yogurt, pudding and caramel sauce. Within minutes you will enjoy an elegant, great tasting dessert.

Easy to Transport 

Grab-and-Go individual containers make it easy to get up and go when there is an emergency.

Extended Shelf Life

Up to 20 years under dry, cool storage conditions.

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Wise Freeze Dried Fruits